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UA Industrial Rigging Certification Program

UA (Local Union 211) Industrial Rigging

Certification Program



Rigging Certification is becoming a requirement on

more Industrial & Mechanical Job Sites




Individuals who can provide evidence of extensive work experience in industrial rigging will qualify to take this course.  The certification examination consists of a multiple choice written exam and a hands-on performance exam.  A score of 80% or above must be achieved on the written exam.  All elements of the hands-on performance examination must be completed satisfactorily to pass.  Individuals who do not receive a passing grade on the certification examination will be required to re-take that portion of the examination they did not pass.


Training classes will start the 1st Saturday that 211 has 10 Members signed up.  Class will begin at 7:00 A.M. and last for 10 hours per class.


  • Ricky Roberts will be the Instructor
  • Location: 211 Apprentice School @ 2507 Galveston Rd., Houston TX 77017 PH # 713-649-0201
  • There will be four 10 hour classes
  • Cost for rigging books $50.00 (Paid by LU 211)
  • Contact: Dalia Saenz PH # 713-644-5521 to register for the class