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Houston’s Pipefitting and Welding Apprentice School

Do you think you are a hardworking, driven person? Are you looking for a career that will provide you with stability, while also opening up doors for you in the future? If so, Houston’s Pipefitters Local 211 Apprentice School for welding and pipefitting is the place for you!

Pipefitters Local 211 Apprentice School in Houston is a multi-craft union that is a part of the United Association of Journeyman and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry of the United States and Canada (UA). Pipefitters offers its students a 5 year premier apprenticeship training program allowing students to take classes while training on the job. As a part of the union, Pipefitters also protects its students under a union contract with insurance, pension, and health and welfare benefits.

Houston’s Pipefitters Local 211’s Apprentice School is one of over 300 local unions in the UA and trains its students for careers in the piping industry, particularly in piping fabrication, installation and servicing. An education in the piping industry will provide you with highly transferrable skills, allowing you the flexibility to work in a number of industries, on a variety of projects. In addition, as you hone your skills, you will have the opportunity to further your career and become a supervisor, instructor, technician or inspector.

Don’t let this career opportunity pass you by. With a quality education in piping and welding, you are sure to find the job responsibility and satisfaction you want out of your career. At Pipefitters Local 211, every apprentice is guaranteed to receive the highest level of hands-on training and education needed to further their career in the piping and welding industry.

For more information on Pipefitters Local 211 Apprentice School please call (713) 649-0201 or visit the school at 2705 Galveston Road, Houston, TX 77017.