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Houston’s JATC Apprentice School

Pipefitters Local 211’s JATC Apprentice School is one of the premier programs of its kind; training and preparing aspiring welders and pipefitters so they are prepared for a career as a tradesman. As one of over 300 local unions in the United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry of the United States and Canada (UA), Pipefitters is a multi-craft union whose members are involved in the piping industry, particularly in piping fabrication, installation and servicing.

The 5 year apprentice program offers students classes two nights a week or on the weekend, and hands on training so that each student is fully prepared for their career as a Pipefitter, Welder or HVAC Service Technician upon completion of the program. Also, because each apprentice is paid on the job and works under the protection of a union contract which provides insurance, pension and health and welfare benefits, you will feel confident in your decision to go back to school.

With an education from Pipefitters, you’ll be prepared to build your career and your reputation as a skilled tradesman, whether you are self-employed or working under a more experienced supervisor. As you hone your skills, you will have the opportunity to progress in your career and become a supervisor, instructor, technician or inspector. Since the skill of pipefitting and welding is highly transferrable and pipefitters and welders are needed on a number of different projects in many different industries, you are guaranteed to have a variety of career opportunities ahead of you!

A career as a skilled tradesman is a great way to put your career on the right path. Receiving the right training and education can open doors for any aspiring welder or pipefitter, so don’t delay and join the Pipefitters JATC Apprentice School today!

For more information on Pipefitters Local 211 Apprentice School please call (713) 644-5521 or visit the school at 2705 Galveston Road, Houston, TX 77017.