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Happy Veteran’s Day

Tomorrow, Wednesday November 11th, is Veteran’s day. Please remember to Thank all Veterans for their courageous service. We, at Local 211 want to take this opportunity to thank ALL Veterans for their service to our Country.
On Veterans Day
He is an old Vet now, weighed down by the years.
He walks slowly with a limp, and has grey hair, eye glasses and hearing aids.
Ah, but there once was a day when he was young and strong.
A day when he raised his hand and swore to support the Constitution and protect
the people.
A day he stood erect, proudly wore his uniform and gave crisp salutes.
A day he shook his fathers hand, kissed his mother goodbye and went off to war.
A day he stood firmly and bravely against aggressive foes and did not falter.
A day he saw things a young man should not have to see.
A day he did things a young man should not have to do.
And day he wept over the graves of his fallen comrades.
Yes he remembers all these things.
He stands as the flag passes by in the parade and he salutes it as he has done many times before…
And he remembers.