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Growing Trend in Pipefitting Industry

As you try and decide where your career should go, it is important to remember the facts. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the employment of pipefitters is projected to grow 26 percent between 2010 and 2020! This growth is faster than the average for any other job! This growth is due to the major changes in building construction and plumbing systems, resulting in a high demand for skilled professionals particularly in the pipefitting industry.

Pipefitters are required to acquire an apprenticeship to receive hands-on experience to secure a job in the industry. An education in the piping industry will provide you with highly transferrable skills, allowing you the flexibility to work in a number of industries, on a variety of projects. In addition, as you hone your skills, you will have the opportunity to progress in your career and become a supervisor, instructor, technician or inspector. You may even be able to open up your own business one day!

Pipefitters compile and install pipe systems, supports and equipment, and maintain equipment for heating, cooling, process, sprinkling and lubricating systems. Pipefitters typically work on pipes carrying chemicals, acids and gases, making hiring properly trained workers imperative. In order to become a well-rounded pipefitter you must be knowledgeable in materials including lead, steel, copper, plastic and aluminum making you an efficient and exceptional worker and thereby, marketable to future employers.

There are a number of great opportunities in the pipefitting industry, which could open doors to your career. If you want to become a skilled professional and take your career by the wheel, join a pipefitting apprentice school like Pipefitters Local 211 in Houston. Don’t waste time and start building your successful career today!