Oppose HB 985 & SB 621 to Protect Texas Construction Workers and Plumbers.

We need to build things in Texas the right way — with highly-trained Texas workers, fair wages, safe workplaces, on time, and on budget. That’s why I am asking you to oppose House Bill 985 and Senate Bill 621.

First, House Bill 985 is a harmful plan that would prohibit Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) on public projects – even though they work to ensure taxpayer efficiencies while protecting good wages and working conditions for local construction workers.

Removing PLAs from public projects would cost taxpayers and disrupt construction on our roads, schools, and bridges. Also, it could undermine local efforts to rebuild the Gulf Coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Second, please oppose Senate Bill 621 because it will disrupt the professional plumbing that makes our hospitals, schools, homes and businesses work. The bill disbands the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners, which threatens the important role they play in preserving specialized safety systems like medical gas lines in hospitals, clean rooms in computer technology facilities, and drinking water in schools.

Please protect Texas construction workers, and plumbers by voting “no” on HB 985 and SB 621.